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MAY 2016...   It was a super busy May!!  I LOVE WORKING!  Booked an indie movie “Trouble” written and directed by the fabulous Theresa Rebeck who created one of my favorite shows...  SMASH!  Got to work with the lovely Julia Stiles and Jim Parrack.  I also got to meet the legendary Angelica Huston and Bill Pullman. 

    Next I got cast in a Judd Apatow HBO series “Crashing”  It was an exciting day on the very first day of filming.  We got to improv alot of the scene, which I LOVE to do!  Pete Holmes new series is going to be hilarious!  Can’t wait to watch.  Oh-Judd Apatow gave me a thumbs up!!  aaaaaahhhhh!

APRIL 2016...   I finished writing my TV Pilot!!  Yay!!  I’ve had a couple of ideas rolling around in my head and after speaking to a dear friend he encouraged me to hammer it out!  So I did, sat at the computer and somehow managed to write it in one sitting.  It literally poured out of me.  Such a great feeling to bring this one to light.  Stay tuned!  Hoping to either shoot it or pitch it...

MARCH 2016...   I booked a Law and Order SVU role!!  Mariska Hargitay directed the episode.  I had a great time working with Kelly Giddish and Peter Scanavino.  They were really nice and welcoming.  I play Parole Officer Felicidad Flores.  Stay tuned for air dates!!  

FEBRUARY 2016...   I got a callback for a national Liberty Mutual Commercial!  Yay!!  Didn’t get it...  Booh!  But hey, gotta’ celebrate the little accom

JANUARY 2016...   My National Lyrica Commercial is airing!  Almost a whole year later!  They also had me come back into the studio and record a shorter spot.  N i i i i i ce...

NOVEMBER 2015...    Catch me on Starz network limited series “FLESH AND BONE”.  Created by Breaking Bad’s own Moira Walley Beckett it’s a dark look at the underbelly of the NYC Ballet.  I play the Nurse on episode

OCTOBER 2015...   OMG!!! OMG!!!!!  I booked a costar role on “Mozart In The Jungle”  and got to work with the exquisite Bernadette Peters AND Malcolm McDowell.  They were lovely to work with.  I don’t often get star struck but seeing Bernadette was pretty mind blowing, I am a HUGE fan. 

SEPTEMBER 2015...   I BOOKED a role on a new NETFLIX comedy show, but get this... the shoot date changed and suddenly I found myself double booked on another shoot, so...  as you see this business can change on a dime.  I’m pretty heartbroken because it was really a great part and I had just gotten off a plane when I went in to audition. 

JUNE 2015...   Check me out on season 3 of OITNB!!  I play Teresa Gonzales - Flaca’s(Jackie Cruz) mom. It was such an amazing experience working with such talented people in front of and behind the camera!!  Words cannot express...  It was filmed just a block away from where I live in Washington Heights, which was so cool, cause I rolled out of bed and landed in make-up.

I booked a national voice spot for ATT!  woohoo!  I went in and auditioned for English and Spanish and I booked the English role.  I got hours notice and for some reason my phone was funky that day, but luckily all worked out and I got to the studio in time! 

MAY 2015... I got cast in a CBS TV pilot titled LFE.  Woohoo!  But, then the part got cut days before the shoot.  Waaaaahhhh! 

The ups and downs of what we actors do.  Things can change on a dime.

FEB 2015... Barcelona bound for a national Lyrica commercial in English and Spanish.  Check out my FB page for pics.  I got to hold three 15 day old babies.  Since newborns can’t work more than a couple of hours we had to switch them up.  They were adorable!!

JAN 2015... Booked a CREST real person industrial.  Always makes me laugh when they ask for “real people” as opposed to actors.  What am I chopped livah??  hahaha!


Myrna Cabello :  cre•a•tive cha•me•le•on

Hi!  I’m excited you stopped in to check me out.  I hope we have the opportunity to meet and work together sometime. 

If you’re looking for someone that is creative in all aspects of the word, I’m your gal.  I believe in bringing my ALL to any project I’m working on, and I mean ALL of my experience.  Since I’ve worked in front of and behind the camera/mic (writing, directing and producing) I bring all of that knowledge with me.  I’m a positive, passionate, energetic person and I try to be an asset in every project I’m involved with.  After all we want to make each project a success!  We’re in this together!

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