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About Me :

I call myself a cre•a•tive cha•me•le•on.  I was born this way.  Ever since I was a child I was always producing shows for my birthdays, writing songs, poems, short stories, and making art out of kleenex, glue, anything I could get me hands on.  Stories and ideas have always filled my head and I HAVE to get them out of me.  My teachers said I talked too much, until...  I wrote, starred and directed a play in the 5th grade. 

My parents were immigrants from Mexico and I was born in Austin, TX and currently live in the BIG APPLE or  MANZANA GRANDE!  Ok lost in translation - sounds better in English.  hahahaha.  We were very poor and I put myself through college.  I started my BA in theatre at UT Austin, but then I switched to Studio Art  and got my BA in Studio Art, but I continued doing community theatre EVERY chance I got.  Switching majors to Studio Art opened up another medium for me so I started a second career in Graphic Design, Painting, and Printmaking.

Theatre also led me to Film and Voice over work.  I reached out to an agent and when they found out I was bilingual in Spanish/English they signed me on the spot - even when they said they weren’t signing new clients! ;) 

I’m forever grateful to my parents for teaching me Spanish because it opened so many doors for me and allowed me to work full time in the entertainment world.  I stopped counting my Film, TV, Commercial, VO, Theatre credits after 850(Thanks again to all of my repeat clients!!)  Since I have a ‘good ear’ I don’t have an accent in either language, but I can add it back if you need it! 

I don’t know what I love better comedy, drama, film, TV, stage, singing or VO.  Regardless...   I can’t stop.  I won’t stop.  Enough said...

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